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This blog is based on anothernaturalista finding her own special way to dealing with her natural hair and body.

I'm a 3c/4a with some 4b in the very middle of my head.
My hair is low porosity and very fine.
I had hair down to my collar bone but then I relaxed it (July 1st 2011) and 4 months later? cut all my relaxed ends off (3rd November 2011) with only 2cm of hair left. My goal? BIG kinky coily curly healthy thick long hair!

Ultimate hair goal: bra strap length hair

First & Last relaxer: June 1st 2011
Big chopped: 3rd November 2011
2nd mini-big chop: 5th June 2013



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an update. My skin has been clearing or clear rather for the last 6-7 months now and honestly I’m so happy!! Recently my skin routine hasn’t been complicated or even anything special, which is funny considering when I had all the fancy skin care products to clear skin was when I had the worst amount of break outs. Its as if, the whole time all my skin needed was…nothing & maturity. Well anyway, I’ve been washing my face with the same body wash I clean by body with & I always ensure its a gentle moisturising cleanser as my skin is sensitive all over. 

However, once a week I use an aloe vera de-stressing mud mask (every Sunday) and I LOVE IT! Its a cheap buy from super drug and honestly it does a great job like any other branded mud mask. My skin is always softer, cleaner looking and I’ve found that it combats any ‘potential’ spots. Its definitely a staple item for me now.

I have also bought Makari beautifying body milk. Now, admittedly…this is a whitening cream (oops?) However I’m not necceserily using it to become ‘whiter’. In actuality I miss my skin colour a year ago, you know..before summer 2013 hit and burnt my skin (literally!!!) I had sun rashes, my skin became untoned, I had hyper pigmentation going on my face, I no longer had a healthy summer glow like I was expecting but instead just didn’t look right. Anyway…although that’s all faded quite considerably due to the standard British weather returning. I wish to still get my complexion back to how it was a year ago…(or was it 2 years ago?) I was lighter…yes, by one shade. I also had more tone to my face. Although I was spotty, I did appreciate having toned skin and yellow pigmentation. So anyway, I plan on using this once a week after using the mud mask to go to sleep with. It recommends someone to use it twice daily to see full effects but considering I am only looking for slight lightening and more of a glow and tone to my skin I don’t think I will be using it that often. 

One thing I’ve noted about the cream however after my first try, is that it is oily. I already battle with an oily T zone so this isn’t good but perhaps using it once a week shouldn’t create such a difference? Secondly, I know it works…which is why I am using is sparingly..because I have SEEN it work on someone before and I observed its lightening strength (which believe me, is stronger than all the ‘lightening creams’ I’ve ever tried) The cream does not contain any bleaching agents and its lightening ingredients are all 'natural' (man made synthesised product using natural ingredients but containing no harsh chemicals). So lets see where this takes us :)

I also wish to buy the makari whitening serum which is apparently much stronger. I want to use it on my birth mark that is on my breast (it is as black as a blackboard next to my brown skin) and on my elbows and knee caps as they are very dark. I’ll probably use this everyday for these areas to quickly lighten those areas back to normal. Then once a week after? To maintain it? if its not a permanent solution. 

Coil pattern. 

These minuscule dreaded little things which manage to appear on the ends of your hair. It must be a fairy that put it there. 

SSK’s -Single stranded knots, or also referred to as fairy knots. Are basically what it says…knots that appear at the end of single strands. I tend to always cut them off when I see them, and funny enough they appear round 2 days after I’ve cut them. At this rate, I might as well shave my hair off. They are inevitable, pesky…but inevitable. There are ways that I’ve found to avoid them…as much as you can, or even to get rid of them but either way, sometimes a good chop needs to be done. I’m starting to figure out that I shouldn’t be doing it so often though.

  1. You CAN retain length even with SSK’s if you look after your hair. Just make sure you constantly seal the ends to stop the hair under the knot from fraying and causing split ends.
  2. Little things like not protective styling enough, not stretching your hair, not sealing the ends and so on can cause this pesky bits to appear.
  3. I’ve found, personally that twists do it for me! They cause SSK’s to turn up on my hair. Perhaps this is because twists can easily allow room for your hair to shrink up (unlike braids which literally bind your hair) and so your hair is able to become frizzy and start fraying under the twists (and above) giving SSK’s a higher chance of appearing. Lesson learnt!! Although sealing your ends with a good hair butter helps a lot, it can only do so much especially if you wet your hair or dampen it on a regs (which is essential for moisturization)
  4. I find that I can sometimes get rid of them by smoothing the strands with a heavy butter which causes a lot of slip. I then smooth the strands in a downward motion, and gently finger comb my hair and gradually the SSK slip away on each strand. 

So I haven’t been updating much…or in a LONG time. Honestly, its my fault (obviously) I’ve been so caught up on studies and work I just haven’t found much time to tumblr in general. Anyway…

So as I cut my hair (2nd mini chop?) around 5 months ago. My hair has thickened, its healthier and my edges are definitely coming back to life. HOWEVER one thing I noticed the other day. 

I wanted to try the black tea rinse method as I heard it prevents breakage and shedding and what did I get? CRAZY AMOUNT OF BREAKAGE/SHEDDING. Maybe It seemed crazy amount because I was actually paying proper attention to it, however the breakage was unbearable. Has my hair been shedding and breaking this much the whole time?!?!?! No wonder I don’t have long hair yet. It was quite sad really, I almost felt like crying. After much research and long discussions with my hair. I finally realised what was up. 

  1. I don’t dust/trim my ends enough. In fact, I never really do. I get scared of trimming as I feel like I’ll just be self-plateauing, however dusting? I had never really heard of that before. So I did it. Results? My ends seem much healthier. I also observed my ends in the process and the split ends were real, so were the single stranded knots. Yeah I finally got rid of them. 
  2. Lack of protein. I haven’t been doing much protein treatments for a while now. I used to use tresemme keratin therapy treatment which worked well but It didm;t give my hair that real protein dosage that I needed. SO although I have not yet done protein treatment to my hair, am under consideration over whether to get apogee 2 step treatment or komaza protein hair strengthener (which according to the ingredients are more hair/scalp friendly & more hydrolysed protein present) and trust me I will be drowning my hair in that soon enough.
  3. Over protective-protective styling. I’m not one to leave my hair in protective styles for too long, merely because I get bored quickly and I am rather a compulsive person so I end up taking them out in the middle of the week when I probably have work/lectures in an hours time (always a bad idea). However I did make the mistake of not letting my hair just breathe. Due to my compulsive take down, I now did a compulsive do up. I usually give my hair 1-2 weeks break in between protective styling for me to nurture it and allow it to meet oxygen once again. However this time, I didn’t. Took my twists down one evening, washed it and conditioned (not deep condition! and no protein treatments!) and then I braided it up the very next day. making it 2 months of my hair not being properly nurtured. It was the take down of these 2nd braids which results in MAJOR breakage. 

So lesson learnt? I think so. I will always remember to dust my ends every 2 months. I will always do a protein treatment once a month & lastly, I will make sure I give my hair a week MINIMUM break in between protective styles. As for the black tea rinse? yeah…I’m not trying that again. I’ll just stick to my ACV rinse which has been magic to my hair literally. Now, I’ve been redoing my edges and nape braids every week (to avoid pressure & loosening) and well I’ve been observing my hair in the process. Any shedding or breakage yet? None to count so far. Hopefully it stays like that. 


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